I don’t know about you, but the thought of attempting to write an entire album, not just an EP or a couple of singles, but an entire full-length, 12-song album, thematically based around the writings of C.S. Lewis would frankly be unthinkable to me. If you’re familiar with Lewis, you may understand what I’m talking about. Perhaps writing a song or two about Narnia, or about Perelandra would be feasible, but to write a song based on The Great Divorce, or The Problem of Pain, or Surprised By Joy or his classic and perhaps greatest essay The Weight of Glory, would be something else entirely. Somehow, Heath McNease pulls it off. In fact, he more than pulls it off, this may be my favourite album of 2012.

It’s up against some heavy hitters too, to my mind. Considering Andrew Peterson’s 2012 effort Light For the Lost Boy, or Andy Osenga’s most recent full-

length release Leonard the Lonely Astronaut,

I would put McNease’s The Weight of Glory right up alongside these in terms of its musicianship, lyrical creativity and intelligibility, and album scope.

There is not one moment on The Weight of Glory where the listener feels like they are hearing the same thing over again. Each song is masterfully crafted both musically and lyrically. And instead of simply taking a catch phrase of book title and then throwing some esoteric words around it, McNease does a spectacular job of binding these stories together in a poignant yet accessible way. You can almost hear Lewis at moments, especially in A Grief Observed and Perelandra, both almost brought me to tears.

Give this one a try, you will not be disappointed. The Best Album of 2012? That’s for you to decide, but you can be sure The Weight of Glory by Heath McNease does not disappoint. Download it for free from Noisetrade!


Well, thought I would add a new weekly feature to my blog and call it Music Mondays. I know, original, right? But I figured I come across enough new or unconventional music that I can make it interesting as I mix it up with some artists or bands that are pretty well-known. This week, I thought I would start off with a band whose reputation precedes them, while simultaneously they are severely underappreciated

If you somehow are not familiar with Jars of Clay, very simply they are one of the most important Christian bands of the last fiteen years.

Their contribution to music in general and to my life as a soundtrack has been enormous. The stories they tell, the questions they ask, the challenges they present, the music they write have all been consistently excellent, and drenched in the grace of the Gospel.

Do yourself a huge favor and check out this new Jars of Clay sampler issued by Noisetrade. Just click on the pic above, provide your email address and zipcode, and you’ll receive a download link for the sampler. This sampler includes some remakes as well as some never-before-released tracks. Here’s the track listing:

  • This Land Is Your Land
  • Closer
  • We Will Follow (featuring Gungor)
  • Oh My God
  • Stay (Forgive Me re-imagined by Stephen Mason)
  • Safe To Land
  • Save My Soul
  • Body And Wine
  • Run In The Night (featuring Thad Cockrell)
  • Water Under The Bridge
  • Flood (New Rain Mix)

Do yourself a huge favor and grab this one while it lasts.