God is my Light and Joy

Well, we did it! Did what, you ask? Why, had baby number five, didn’t you know?

No? Well, that’s because I stink at blogging my life and so how would you know? But, there you have it! Brand, spanking, shiny new! Eliora Joy was born on Saturday July 14, 2012 at 7:56 AM. She was 21 inches long and 9lbs.-3 oz. in weight. She is a beautiful little thing. Her name means “God is my light.” So, we thought her middle name, Joy, would be apt. “God is my light and joy.” Very Piperian if you ask me.

A lot of people ask how we can do five. Eden, Acacia, Levi, Canaan and Eliora are more than a handful, to be sure, but more than a handful of what? If someone offered you more diamonds than you could handle, more Gold than you had room to store, more land than you could possibly survey, more food than you would ever need, you’d take it. You wouldn’t ask yourself: “Self, we can’t take all of this, better refuse anything more than we can handle.” The would be crazy, and that’s how I feel about my kids. Sure, they’re more than Jess and I can handle, but they’re more amazement, happiness and blessing than we can handle.

The Fab Five

Sure, we get weird looks from some people, but we also get looks of approval and affirmation. Many people love to see a huge family walking through the mall with their kids being kind to one another and exercising self-control. Sure, they’re not perfect little compliant angels or anything, but they display a certain grace that is recognized by more people than you might think. My older girls hold their little brothers hands as we walk through the parking lot or down the street. My boys, especially Levi, are falling in love with their new little sister and will eventually feel a sense of responsibility for her. Levi already says and does thing that show that he is looking out for her well-being. It’s amazing, wonderful, fun, joy-filled. It’s more than we could have asked for, and more than we can handle. We pray the blessings overflow to others.