So many people want to come into church on Sunday mornings and hear the preacher tell them how to get Jesus to give them their idols. It’s sad.

Jesus, I want money! Jesus, I want happiness! Jesus, I want to be loved!

How about: Jesus, I want you!

In the end, when all of life is over, the Scriptures tell us about a day when all of our whole lives, the totality of everything we’ve ever done, will get placed on the alter and will be tried like gold in a refinery (1 Corinthians 3:13; 1 Peter 1:7). You see, when we think about this for a moment, we can begin to feel the pull of the love of the things of this world tugging us from a pure devotion to Christ. If we allow it, a little at a time, our love and devotion wanes completely.

I often think about that day. Will I be sad to lose the bulk of the efforts of my life in the fire? Will I be ashamed as I stand before Christ on that day? Will I look on the flames with tears in my eyes as I watch all I’ve worked for dissolved?

Or will my heart leap for joy as I realize that to live is Christ and to die is gain? Will Jesus be enough for me on that day? If my answer is anything other than a resounding “Yes, Jesus is enough,” I’d better do some rethinking, restructuring, praying, seeking. This is the most basic form of idolatry: Jesus is not enough. Listen. If Jesus is not enough, then nothing ever will be.

Idols lie. Idols steal. Idols fail.

Jesus tells the truth. Jesus gives. Jesus conquers.

Is Jesus enough for you? Is Jesus your most valued treasure? Is he your supreme joy?

More importanly for me, is he mine?

Worship Jesus.